Key Performance Improvement Key Performance Improvements
We work exclusively in Logistics

At Key Performance Improvement we are dedicated to logistics performance improvement through our productivity programmes. We work with clients to improve productivity, reduce distribution costs and drive continuous improvement.

We can help you to:-

  • Increase distribution centre performance

  • Improve productivity with logistics labour management

  • Unlock additional throughput and capacity

  • Boost productivity through best practices backed up by engineered standards

  • Lower operating costs with logistics performance improvement

  • Maximise your return on investment

What are you doing to improve performance?

With Key Performance Improvement you can expect to achieve productivity improvements of 10% to 30% by getting the best out of your people and your facilities.

Logistics Improvements will be delivered within weeks of starting a productivity improvement programme rapidly paying back programme costs.

As consultants in logistics performance improvement and logistics industrial engineering we can work with you to select and install the best labour management software.

We can configure the software and install engineered standards, design best practices and manage the change by working closely with your team.

This is what we do
We install Labour Management Systems
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We help you select Warehouse Management Systems
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We carry out performance audits and network reviews
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We help you improve service levels, quality and accuracy
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You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

We believe strongly in the power of measurement to achieve lasting improvement in business performance.
Our programmes are based on best practice and engineered standards, applied intelligently through labour management systems.

Financial Incentive Schemes
Financial incentive schemes are back on the agenda.
Direct financial incentives are the best and most reliable way to increase warehouse performance. They went out of fashion in the eighties, but all the signs now are that they are making a comeback. Clients are asking for new schemes, knowing that spectacular productivity improvements can be made. The question is who to go to? There are very few specialists with the right experience to safely install a scheme and guarantee the right result. At Key Performance, we have just that experience. Click here to read more....

What Gary Marshall, Director of Operations at Lakeland Limited had to say about Key Performance Improvement.
‘The brief was simply to work with the Lakeland team to identify the key areas for operational improvement and to develop a performance management system. I was delighted with the outcome – after just a few weeks of work the brief was delivered in full.'
‘I am always happy to support a company that delivers real value’